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Choose from a variety of activities that will get your heart rate pumping for more!


The Body & Fitness Masterclasses brings young athletes through activities that test their strength, agility and perseverance. Explore one sport form or choose from the mix.



( Minimum of 5 passes to participate)

Parent-child classes are available

Pink Gradient

Let your children exercise and have a good time while connecting with their inner self and learning to appreciate others and the world around them.


Focus, patience, perseverance.

These are just some of the important skills your children gain from joining us in our yoga masterclass!

Martial Arts Class


( Minimum of 4 passes to participate)

Martial Arts
Pink Gradient

If you have a kid who is full of vigour, our martial arts class is the perfect way for them to let off some steam.

We believe that self-defence is one of the most life skills that every child should possess.


Not only will your children learn how to protect themselves, they will also understand important values and principles such as hard work, dedication, and perseverance.



Beach Sports
Pink Gradient

Let your child have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of their normal routine while they indulge in a variety of beach sports like volleyball, touch rugby and many more.


Not only do you kids get to have fun but this programme also helps them develop their basic movement skills as well as important values and skills like teamwork and determination.

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